• 293 km Eastern Goldfields Pipeline
    construction completed ahead of schedule
  • IOC completed full migration of APA's gas transmission pipeline assets to the Integrated Operations Centre

Mick McCormack (APA's Managing Director), Hon Bill Marmion (WA Minister for Mines and Petroleum) and Mike Erickson (Senior VP, AngloGold Ashanti at the official opening of Eastern Goldfields Pipeline in February 2016.

We will deliver value to our customers and create responsive solutions to meet their needs by:

  • Providing market-leading flexible solutions to meet our customers' changing requirements.
  • Ensuring the highest level of service reliability to enable customers to manage their operations.
  • Delivering value to customers by efficiently and reliably utilising the capacity of APA's infrastructure assets.
  • Working with customers to provide optimal energy market solutions.
  • New agreements negotiated to support further capacity expansion of the Victoria - Northern Interconnect.
  • Completed construction of the 293 kilometre Eastern Goldfields Pipeline ahead of schedule leading to earlier commissioning and start of gas transportation agreements with AngloAshanti Gold.
  • Entered into a contract to deliver gas transportation services to a new customer using the Eastern Goldfields Pipeline.
  • Completed compression and pipeline projects to provide bi-directional gas transportation services on the East Coast Grid enabling APA to provide our customers with flexible and innovative services in a dynamic gas market.
  • Entered into a number of flexible agreements which incorporate multiple receipt and delivery points on the East Coast Grid, including a service for a new customer on the Wallumbilla Gladstone Pipeline servicing the Gladstone market.
  • Continued to offer web-based capacity trading services to facilitate trades between buyers and sellers of capacity.
  • Completed migration of APA's gas transmission pipeline assets to the Integrated Operations Centre ("IOC"), to holistically manage day to day operations.
  • Completed an enhancement to the Mondarra Gas Storage Facility, enabling greater reliability and capacity. Contracts for new services have been entered into.
  • Completed construction of the new South Metro gate station off the Parmelia Gas Pipeline, enhancing gas security of supply for metropolitan Perth.
  • Progress the further expansion of the Victoria - Northern Interconnect.
  • Maximise use of existing assets and profitably continue to expand APA's asset portfolio in order to meet customers' needs.
  • Continue to offer flexible transportation and storage services and innovative solutions to meet our customers' diverse requirements across the nation.
  • Implement new service offerings for capacity trading capability.
  • Continue to refine the IOC and grid operations to deliver reliable supply and enhanced services.
  • Demand for gas - The volume of gas that is transported by APA is dependent on end user demand. The relative price of gas and its competitive position with other energy sources (such as electricity, coals, fuel oil, renewable sources) may change demand levels for services on APA's assets.
  • Supply of gas - Availability of competitively priced gas is essential for ongoing use of gas infrastructure assets.
  • Counterparty - If a counterparty is unable to meet its commitments to APA, there is risk that future anticipated revenue would be reduced unless and until APA is able to secure an alternative customer.
  • Operations - APA and our asset management customers are exposed to a number of operational risks such as equipment failures or breakdowns, rupture of pipelines and technological failures.
  • Economic regulation - APA may be negatively impacted as a result of a change in regulatory settings.
  • The regulatory test for inclusion of gas pipelines being subject to economic regulation is expected to be reviewed by the Gas Market Reform Group, newly appointed by the Council of Australian Governments ("COAG").

Demand for gas -

  • Long-term agreements with strong counterparties underpin assets.
  • Flexible and creative customer solutions.
  • Complementary investments in gas storage and power generation and continued evaluation of emerging fuels such as wind farms.

Supply of gas -

  • Long term agreements with strong counterparties underpin assets.
  • Connect more gas resources with more gas markets such as:
    • East Coast Grid provides flexibility for customers to manage their gas portfolios.
    • Expansion of interconnect between Victoria and New South Wales.
    • Working with new / emerging gas producers to bring new gas supply to market.
  • Provide infrastructure connectivity to existing and emerging gas markets.

Counterparty -

  • Credit worthiness test applied to new customers, and ongoing monitoring.
  • Appropriate customer guarantees in place.

Operations -

  • APA operates assets in accordance with all relevant regulations and standards.
  • In-house operating, maintenance and engineering expertise.

Economic regulation -

  • Regulatory regime is well understood and encapsulated in national law.
  • The reset dates of APA's price regulated assets are staggered, with on average one review each year.
  • Composition of asset portfolio is optimised to manage exposure to regulator settings.
  • Engagement with policymakers.