Roberto Ferrari, Manager Planning and Integrity (2nd from right), with Clontarf staff and students, and guests, at the Boab Prison Tree, near Derby, at the Clontarf Foundation's Kimberley Experience.

We will positively engage with the communities within which we operate by:

  • Building long-term strategic community relationships to maintain support and goodwill for APA's activities.
  • Increasing employee connections with local communities through sponsorships, employee volunteering and giving programs targeting vulnerable communities.
  • Continued APA's Building Brighter Futures community investment program supporting the Fred Hollows Foundation, Rev Bill Crews Foundation (for Darwin Literacy Centre), and Clontarf Foundation.
  • Built on APA employee involvement in Clontarf Foundation events.
  • Employees across APA participated in four community fundraising events including Cancer Council (Australia's Biggest Morning Tea and Pink Ribbon Day), Black Dog Institute and Movember.
  • Maintain support of our community investment program, Building Brighter Futures, by continuing our three headline partnerships. Employee involvement will also be continued to further support our partners' objectives.
  • Continue financial support for community events .
  • Increase community Investment program activities to extend the reach of APA support to include employee volunteering, and support diversity and inclusion strategies.
  • Community relations Maintaining community support and goodwill for APA's activities.
  • Encroachment Urban encroachment around existing pipeline easements can increase the potential for damage. A change in pipeline location class may also increase compliance costs.
  • Remain in touch with community interests and issues.
  • APA actively engages with its communities through sponsorships.
  • Construct and operate infrastructure using industry recognised standards or better.
  • Education and communication around APA's activities.
  • Landowner liaison and community education and support of "Dial Before You Dig" (DBYD) service. Increasing awareness of DBYD through APA presentations.
  • Pipeline easement monitoring and surveillance.
  • Liaise with council and planning authorities to effectively manage potential encroachment issues.
  • APA 2020 to roll out a new Infrastructure Protection and Planning department with dedicated work streams for processes and assurance; urban planning; asset protection; and, access and approvals.

In FY2016 APA continued its 'Building Brighter Futures' community investment program, including staff involvement in one of the program's headline partners' events. 'Building Brighter Futures' supports initiatives to improve the future prospects of vulnerable Australians. Established in late 2010, the program seeks to strengthen our company and employment brand and connect the APA business and people to the communities in which we live and work. The program includes corporate partnerships with three selected charities and an employee community event calendar.

In FY2017, we intend to extend the program to extend the reach of APA support to include employee volunteering, and support diversity and inclusion strategies.

Headline partnerships with three charity partners

In FY2016 APA continued to support its three charity partners, focused on supporting disadvantaged young Indigenous Australians, under three-year commitments that were renewed or established in March 2014.

The Clontarf Foundation works to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men, through a network of football academies established in partnership with local schools. APA has been working with the Clontarf Foundation since 2011.

Rev Bill Crews Foundation's Darwin Literacy Program is an accelerated literacy program to support disadvantaged children with severely compromised reading ability. APA has funded three children per annum to participate in the Foundation's Darwin program since 2011.

In Australia, the Fred Hollows Foundation provides eye treatment and health programs for Indigenous communities in remote Australia. APA has been working with the Fred Hollows Foundation to deliver its Australian program since 2014.

In addition to direct financial support, APA continued staff involvement in our headline partners' events during FY2016. APA employee representatives participated in the experiences as part of their personal and career development and share them via APA's employee magazine and internal conference. The events attended were:

  • Clontarf Foundation's Kimberley Experience: a three-day 'immersion' in the daily lives of West Kimberley Clontarf students and staff from the Broome, Derby and Fitzroy Crossing academies.
  • Clontarf Foundation's West Kimberley Academy Leadership Camp: a three-day event including two nights camping and sharing in the lives of Clontarf students and providing advice to senior Academy students as part of the Clontarf Employment Forum.
  • Clontarf Foundation's Top End Experience: a three-day event into the heart of Kakadu National Park and including visits to three Clontarf Academies.

In addition, APA hosted Clontarf Academy students' onsite. These visits provided students opportunities to learn about work and workplaces and to interact with and present to groups in a work environment.

All experience received positive feedback from the APA employees involved.

Calendar of employee events

In FY2016 APA continued to support and promote employee events across multiple company sites and matched the funds raised by employees, to a capped amount of $10,000 per event. The events were selected based on an earlier survey of employees seeking their nominations of four most worthy causes. The selected events/causes being:

  • Pink Ribbon Day (Cancer Council)
  • Movember (Movember Foundation)
  • Black Dog Institute (Mental Health research)
  • Australia's Biggest Morning Tea (Cancer Council)

APA will continue to support and promote these events across all company sites to further engage employees and these charities in FY2017.

Sponsorship and donations

APA continued to provide monetary and in-kind support to a number of groups or causes that achieve one or more of the following:

  • Strengthen APA's reputation in the local community.
  • Enhance APA's relationships with key community stakeholders.
  • Increase community awareness and understanding of APA.
  • Provide positive networking opportunities with community stakeholders.

Of these, the two major sponsorships in FY2016 were for Taronga Zoo Foundation and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra.